Thanks for the memories!

It has been a wonderful journey and I have made so many great friends in the process.

We started this long strange trip almost 11 years ago with the mission of getting
independent and unsigned artists songs heard. We reached over 200,000 subscribers and site visitors
in that time and helped promote over 600 independent original music artists.

All good things, sooner or later, come to an end. Early this year, the new owners of Naylor Wine Cellars
terminated our friendship and working relationship in regards to our annual music festival.
I guess you could say that when Mr. Richard Naylor died this past year, so did the radio. It was
truly for us "the day the music died".

Mr. Naylor will be missed for so many reasons and was one of the biggest supporters of our
project. Thank you Mr. Naylor, and may you Rest In Peace.

All the Best,

Michael S. Males