Established in 1964, Campbell's Music Service is proud to feature such major name brands as Ibanez, Crafter, ESP, Campbell American, Samick, G&L and G&L Tributes, Spector, Revival, BC Rich, Kustom, Morgan Monroe, Tascam, Alto, Yorkville, ART, Hazelton, Goldtone as well as a wide selection of used and vintage gear.

As the premier guitar store in York, PA, Campbell's Music continues to offer a unique selection and service that keep people coming back to our shop for generations.

Campbell's Music Service officially began as a small one man repair shop in 1964 by Robert H. Campbell, my father. By 1965 he outgrew his shop and moved to a bigger location where he could carry full instrument lines while maintaining the repair services that he and Campbell's Music Service became known for. It's a proud tradition that I have tried to carry on for the last 28 plus years that I've been here.

Each person here at Campbell's Music is well versed in the products we carry. While we each may specialize in different areas, we all have plenty of experience in what we sell. That has always been an important criteria for employment at Campbell's. And while you may not be able to personally visit our store, many of our customers remark on our friendly and professional manner.

Campbell's Music continues to put the focus on service while offering a wide range of products. We hope that this website can service your musical needs as well as inform and entertain. Please check out our entire website for more info.

RA (Bob) Campbell

Campbell's Music

2361 S. Queen St.
York, PA 17402

Phone # 717-741-2533 or

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